( Aug. 7th, 2005 10:02 pm)
Finally finished reading the Warlord Chronicles, and oh my god. Cornwell put me through the emotional wringer here.laments for fictional characters, whom I've grown to love (spoilers) )
So I'm pretty much done my icon for The Warlord Chronicles (The Winter King, Enemy of God, Excalibur), by Bernard Cornwell. It's probably going to be too big already, but I'm tempted to try and fit more characters into it (ooh, Merlin, Sagramor and Aelle!)

But first, my (abbreviated) cast for The Warlord Chronicles.

Arthur--- Gerard Butler )

Derfel--- Nikolaj Coster-Waldau )

Nimue--- Keira Knightly )

Ceinwyn---Miranda Otto )

Guinevere---Sarah Polley )

Lancelot---Orlando Bloom )

Galahad--- Joel Edgarton )

Tristan--- Ioan Gruffudd )

Iseult---Anne Hathaway )
( Jun. 28th, 2005 10:05 am)
Don't know why, but I've been making a Warlord Chronicles trilogy icon. I may need someone to animate it for me, at some point.

So far:
Nik = Derfel (you expected differently?)
Keira (as Guinevere) = Nimue
Miranda Otto (as Eowyn) = Ceinwyn
Joel Edgarton (as Gawain) = Galahad (it's a little hard for me to disassociate this one, but woah. It feels so right.)
Orlando = Lancelot

Still need to find my Guinevere, Arthur, Merlin and Sagramor. And an Igraine.

Erm. This book is taking over my brain.




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