I'm still working on the Wool Peddler's Shawl from Folk Shawls. I'm onto the lace repeats now, and I picked those up pretty quickly.

Mom wants me to finish up the Clapotis for my cousin- I don't think I'm going to frog it like I had planned, but I'll just go on. I was a little worried that it was too stiff, but it feels fine.
Picture 092

Also at the knit night last night I wound the KnitPicks Memories in Red Hat that will be mom's Christmas socks, and my Knit Picks Bare lace weight that will be something lovely and lacey eventually. Also I wound some handpainted Opal lace weight for Penny.
Right now the big thing I'm working on is the Wool Peddlar's Shawl in the Ram Wools Selkirk in Grey Heather that I've been collecting for the past few years. I finally decided that I was never going to make a sweater out of it, even if I bought more (the colour isn't totally me) but as a big comfy shawl to drape over my shoulders during the long cold winter as a slave away during my class, studying and writing away by the light of a lone candle? Yes.

Picture 047

Okay, so I'm exagerrating Winnipeg winters a little bit, but not by much. The other thing I'm sort of working on are my second pair of rpm socks, in KnitPicks Essential Meadow Multi (which I've started calling LimeNVioletty in my head.)

Essential Meadow Multi (special)




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