So, I was searching for lyrics to a Duotang song when I found an old interview with Rod Slaughter, and yeah.

"Winnipeg, and I get a feeling Montreal's like this too, is the kind of place where, if you want to be a socialite, you move to Vancouver. If you want to make it in the entertainment industry, you go to Toronto. For business, you move to Calgary. If you just don't know what the fuck to do, but you'll make up your mind next week, you stay in Winnipeg."

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Montreal is fun to bum around in, I guess. But just bigger. My friends report that it's a great place for one night stands because unlike here, not everyone will know about it.

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Plus, you'd be proud of me. I was at my friend's place last night, and she played Novillero and I guessed it was them before I let her tell me.

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duotang is so damn good. i had my tape stolen along with my walkman years ago. i just asked a friend to burn them for me, so hopefully next time isee him, i will have much old duotang to listen to :)



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