I'm so proud of my guys, I loff them. So much.

So [livejournal.com profile] coleman_genie and I got to the Park Theatre at about 7:20. At 7:30ish I finally saw the video for "The Hypothesist", on a theatre screen which was really cool. Then (after some tech difficulties) we watched "The Art of Carrying On" and then the episode of Monk.

It was hard, because both Karen and I can't stand to see anyone embarassed or put into uncomfortable situations and that's exactly what happened on the show. Anyway, very near the end, woo! There are the guys. And they play things that showcase them very well. And then there was some "acting" (Jack had the best little bit. Heh.)

The really fun part of watching the episode was that Jack was sitting with his parents (I think. There was an offhand reference to it) and we were sitting next to a friend of his, so during each "commecial break" he would mention something to him. He seems like a genuinely nice and funny guy.

After a small break they set up and played a short set, mostly covers. It was good, I like the venue, but I would have liked to have gotten up and danced but no one other than the little kids were going around (and they were mostly chasing wach other, or headbanging. So cute.)

All in all, a good night. I know that I'm really lucky that I get to see my favourite band so often (and, as we mentioned on the way back to the car, for free most of the time. Winnipeg sensibilities and all.)

My guys!

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Yeah, Jack's awesome. I used to think that he hated me, but.. he doesn't! (Or maybe he does and he hides it extremely well).



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