I'm trying not to be creepy with the whole "people from Novillero showing up in my dreams" thing, but talking with [livejournal.com profile] coleman_genie tonight I remembered my dream from last night where Rod Slaughter and I were detectives working a murder investigation. Of course, it ended early when the cat woke me up by barfing next to my bed. Damnit.

I'm coming to the end of the first skein of boucle of this afghan. Only 5 more to go.

While not a perfect screenshot of this scene, I love the composition of this shot. (I swear, I'll stop talking about "The Real World" soon.)

On first glance, O'Neill is the one with all of the power. He's dressed in uniform, shoes and everything while Weir is seemingly disempowered- pajamas, having just woken up. He is standing while she is sitting, in what we think of as the position of power over another (think teachers and students). Hell, he's a male in a female patient's room (and we saw that he was in there while she was asleep. Now, it is midday, but still. If it weren't an alternate reality I'm sure that at the very least we would have seen some hospital workers poking around in the background. Even if he is a general.)

But. Her back is straight and she is looking straight at him. Jack is leaning, eyes down, hands in his pockets, legs bent and spread... while we know that this is how he wields power, by convincing people to underestimate him... it's very passive. While Elizabeth's power in this scene (and for me, this is where she started to really start pushing the boundaries of the "real world") is very active.

...I was just going to comment on the pretty. I don't know, maybe my analysis is way off, or I'm misremembering things, but. I really wish in my communication linguistics courses we had looked more into paralanguage, (even though it obviously changes from culture to culture) because I love this stuff.
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No, I think you're on to something here.

One of the things I loved about this episode is that Elizabeth is set up and dressed and treated in a very powerless way. The woman surrounded by men, in scrubs, surrounded by suits and uniforms, barefoot, bereft of the trappings of femininity. And yet, she comes across as very powerful and forceful, especially from about this point on. Her power is in how she carries herself, in the tilt of her head and the line of her back. She's strong because she believes herself to be strong, absent of any outside props or validation. It reminds me of the scene in The Siege where she's gone to get the nuke from the Genii and she's sitting there blindfolded and tied to a chair and yet she's the most powerful person in the room and she's in complete control

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I get so excited about meta for this epsiode. *g* A lot (http://shusu.livejournal.com/819007.html).

Yes, if I recall correctly she thumps the bed in frustration. She's not as curled up in the corner as she was when she was alone in the room.



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