Winnipeg power-popsters land TV cameo

And, of course, the taping led to even more opportunities for Novillero -- a lunch with actor Ted Levine (the junk-tucking Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs), a request to cover Barry McGuinn's Eve of Destruction for the TV show Eureka and, perhaps a new focus for their next album.

After re-recording tracks from last year's Aim Right For the Holes in Their Lives for the Monk crew, Johnson says the band is even more committed to translating their stage show intensity onto disc.

"We are still learning how to turn that live energy into recorded form," he says. "We recently re-recorded a couple songs from our album to be live versions and we were pleasantly surprised with how they turned out. I think that might be the direction we go next time out."


Scenes from this afternoon, in which I am a bad friend.

*[ profile] _jibberish_ and I, chatting on MSN*
me: brb
*goes downstairs to make tea. sits down on couch while waiting for water to boil, falls asleep for TWO HOURS, omg*
me: *wakes up* bzuh?
boycousin: [ profile] colmena_genie phoned, and your friend is asking for you on MSN.
me: *looks at time* Oh shit!

I'm lucky my friends love me.
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