([personal profile] prairiedaun Jul. 3rd, 2005 12:01 pm)
So who all was at the concert last night? [livejournal.com profile] queensugar was there (why do I keep missing you?), and I know my girls were there... anyone else?

Novillero covering Ceremony by Joy Division
The Hypothesist
Morally Deficient Business
Habit Over Heart
Gaining Gound- Losing Sight

My cousin is coming over to fool around with my computer. I am not impressed.

From: [identity profile] madslasher.livejournal.com

Le squee, omg! Are these copies of Hypothesist and Habit Over Heart the album versions, or something different?

I have a couple of their mp3s, if you are looking for some new ones yourself. Just let me know!

From: [identity profile] prairiedaun.livejournal.com

Except for Ceremony, these are all from "Aim Right For The Holes In Their Lives".

Which mp3s do you have?

From: [identity profile] madslasher.livejournal.com

I have:

(These might be incorrectly labelled mp3s, as I haven't had a listen to all of them yet)

Laissez-Faire System
Let's Pull Over Here
Art of Carrying On
Cat Scan
Habit Over Heart
Plauging of an Ex-Comic's Mind
Stumble On

Let me know if you want any!

From: [identity profile] prairiedaun.livejournal.com

I should have invited you, but I wasn't sure if this was really your type of music. I'm sure you would have enjoyed the cover of The Supremes that they did, though.

From: [identity profile] prairiedaun.livejournal.com

Ceremony was recorded at their concert at the WECC, where I assume the sound is better for recording such things. :)

It's available on their website.

From: [identity profile] thegiantkiller.livejournal.com

Thanks for these. Haven't listened to all yet. Checked the workshop schedules for the folkfest and dammit their 80s workshop is at the same time as one called "happy songs about death". I need a time machine.



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