( Jul. 1st, 2005 12:14 pm)
Novillero is playing tomorrow at the Toad in the Hole- who's going with me?

[Poll #524407]

Slept for nearly 12 hours. *blink*
( Jul. 1st, 2005 01:02 pm)
For [livejournal.com profile] insidian, and others who chose "Who is Novillero?" on that last poll, Novillero.
Novillero are a Winnipeg quartet with some familiar established Canadian musicians. Featuring members of Duotang, Transonic, the Waking Eyes, Projektor, and the Pop Addiction Foundation, the band blends infectious pop with aggressive rock structures, mod themes with spacier elements, art-rock with a touch of retro pop.

- from here




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