( Jul. 13th, 2005 04:19 pm)
Taking a break from transcribing (finished THE TAPE OF DOOM, and have started a hopefully much shorter tape), and I redid the colours on my journal.

Yes, I realize that they're the mocha colours, but I had to figure out how to do it with the header. And I did it and I'm happy and I'm clinging to this small victory for today.

Omg, I want to read so much. I'm working on Jingo, then Excalibur (omg Derfel, marry me!) and then Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell and oh. SOme book coming out on Saturday called Harry Potter (which I'm finally getting excited for, thank god. I was worried about my fannish heart being broken or something.)

I'm determined to make myself be in aa better mood. Keep working and then I'll have a dinner of fish and chips or something, and then strawberries and cottage cheese for dessert.

Dinner! Of! Champions!

Oh man, I'm getting weird. Help. Send pretty pikshurs.

Also, I made myself a linguistics icon. This one is much more of a prescriptivists icon, but the longer animated one I want is essentially descriptivists, with the added bonus of swarming bloodshed perpetrated by prescriptivist ninnies.

... oh god, someone send me help.




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