( Aug. 16th, 2005 09:11 pm)
Who will go see the Chumscrubber with me once it hits theatres here? Because I'm in a state of OMG William! But I don't really want to see Crash again (yet), and The Longest Yard seems like a rental and Mr. and Mrs. Smith is still in the expensive theatres, and while it has the pretty of Brangelina (*cough*), Fichtner isn't even on screen, just his voice (which is still pretty rawr, but not rawr enough for an 8.50$ ticket).

Oh William. I ws watching the behind the scenes interviews from Black Hawk Down, and dude. He was so excited that they got to blow shit up. Would anyone be able to make screencaps of that? I haven't been able to find pic anywhere of that, and dude. You have Nik, Bill and Eric Bana going through Delta orientation, learning how to handle weapons, etc. I'm surprised there aren't more pics up of that. Hmm. Maybe I'll check out the Eric Bana fansites.

I have an urge to go watch Contact now.
( Jun. 9th, 2005 04:20 pm)
Would anyone happen to have a larger version of this Vanity Fair picture for April 2001?

another Fichtner picture ) He's another actor like Nik that needs to do morephotoshoots and pimping of movies. Sometimes you get tired of the pretty boys and want the interesting and intense.




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