( May. 22nd, 2005 10:12 am)
1) Total number of fandoms I like:
Countless, but I'll try:
King Arthur, Black Hawk Down, House, National Treasure, Wimbledon, Pirates of the Caribbean, West Wing, Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, lotrips, popfic,Sharpe, Hornblower, Robin Hood, Good Omens, Sandman, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, The Dark Is Rising...

2) My first fandom ever:

3) My most recent fandom:

4) Five fandoms that currently mean a lot to me: with explanations
Black Hawk Down: It's based on such an important event, that I like to see done well and right.

Lost: I'm invested in the characters, so I like to see other people's interpretations of said characters. Plus, it's been so long since I've been in a TV based fandom, I had forgotten how canon can change from week to week.

King Arthur: Taking a story that everyone knows, and giving it a twist: I love stories like this, and this is the canon here: I love to see what writers do with that, incorporating pieces of other Arthur mythology (Malory, etc.). Plus, I grew closer to many fanomd types and met new people. :)

Sharpe/Hornblower: Really, almost one fandom. Met so many awesome people, have learned a hell of a lot about so many things and have been exposed to such a different style of fanfic. <3

Harry Potter: First, the canon which I love, love, love. Then the fandom itself (which scares me so much at times that I'm content to stay on the edges) which produces so much variety from the canon (and from fanon as well) which is just awesome in scope (and scariness).

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