( Dec. 29th, 2009 11:17 pm)
Tonight I picked up Respect the Spindle, by Abby Franquemont at my LYS. I tried to find it at Indigo the day before, but no dice and I was telling the others this, my sadness and how I had consoled myself by picking up The Knitter's Book of Wool instead when Misty and/or Mona said "we have that."

And thus, a purchase was made.

Both books are great, full of information. Glorious, geeky information.Knitter's Book of Wool is exactly that, a compendium of information about wool, from it's composition, to how it's collected, to breeds, spinning methods and patterns that use different types of yarn. Respect the Spindle is about spindling, covering the different kinds of spindles, how to spin on all/most of them, troubleshooting, different techniques, a bit of history, and even a few patterns.

I haven't had the chance to really got through them in depth, but honestly the things that struck me first about them were the delicious science-y facts- Wool goes into the biology of sheep, from breeds and breeding to the animal itself, while Spindle talks about the physics of spinning. Science!

ETA: I forgot the original point of this entry, which was to talk up the yarn I spun up the last few days and plied today. It's roughly 60 meters, varying from fingering to worsted, mostly dk-sih. White/undyed, spun into two balls and then plied together on the spindle. It's Sheeples pencil roving that Misty gifted me with last week.

The singles were slightly uneven, and my plying could use a bit more work, but I already see so much improvement in what I'm getting. Also, while the white is gorgeous, I'm itching for some colour. Maybe Koolaid dyeing more roving will satify that?

Also, I need a spinning icon.



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