1. The Prairie Bridesmaid, by Daria Salamon

I really enjoyed this book- there were parts that I probably over-identified with, and parts that I didn't identify with at all but still liked a lot. I'd be really curious to know what non-Manitoban/prairie readers would take away from a lot of the family/farm elements.

I had to reread the ending, though. My big complaint would be that a lot of the emotional resolution happened too quickly, although I know that oftentimes, that's what happens- it builds up inexorably and then bam! Breakthrough.

I do with that the story had followed through to her meeting up with her sister in Iran- while barely seen, the relationship between Anna and Natalia was one of my favourite elements of the entire book.

Anna's friendships with the girls vexes me a bit- I know it's the stress of the wedding for much of the time, but I keep wondering why she's friends with Sara who just seems so horrible most of the time. All of them are self involved, but it just seems so... one of them is a single mother who's finding out about her birth mother. The other is pregnant. Anna's getting out of an abusive relationship and helping her grandmother whose health is failing, and Sara... is getting married.

And it has a pretty awesome soundtrack, too. Bookclub should be interesting on Thursday. Plus, cheesecake!
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