I've begun cleaning up my computer/stash room. It's quite the process- I've been meaning to for a while but the kick in the pants was Sunday when one of my aunts pushed open the door to say goodbye before going back to the farm, and I shouted "nooooo!" because, well. I don't want her to think poorly of me, but this room was almost bordering on disgusting.

The one big problem was my yarn. The system I had going before September wasn't great, but I had most of it packed away. Unfortunately that a) meant that I could no longer see my stash and then felt okay about acquiring more, willy-nilly, and b) my mom decided to put away the yarn that hadn't been packed away, but not in any of the places I'd been meaning to put them. So I didn't really know where anything was, or what I had.

And then I came back from the retreat with more yarn, then mom gave me baskets to put my yarn in, but those take up too much room so they just ended up stacked in the middle of the room, and then I was working on my project and papers were everywhere and then mom cleaned up the rest of the house so all sorts of randomness ended up in here, and you can see where this is going. Hoarders territory.

So tonight, after cranking the Lady Gaga I got to work. I'm not done yet, and I probably shouldn't have stopped for dinner when I did, but most of the yarn that was everywhere on the floor is now is baskets out in the hall, same with the papers, both patterns and work things, and sweaters and socks and other randomness and just... it's not done, but already I feel like I can breathe.

Taking a break/finished for the night so I'm reading The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmermann and have already learned a few new things, one of which actually made me say "oh!" I <3 EZ.

Also, this is for all my Winnipeg and Manitoba girls (both here and away): Winnipeg: Love and HAte, gorgeous photography of this city by Bryan Scott. Possibly my favourite entry is No One Here Gets Out Alive I also love the quotes about Winnipeg, on the sidebar.

A moral cesspool, the stench of which is making itself felt throughout the Dominion. -Toronto newspaper, 1910

From: [identity profile] piratelooksat20.livejournal.com

HAHAHAHAHA, I think I recognize that quote... I came across it while researching my character for Doors Open Winnipeg and my dad's walking tours of Point Douglas. Ah, history, I love you so.

From: [identity profile] prairiedaun.livejournal.com

The first time I saw it, I made a total "WTF" face, but looking at the date, Toronto, and history, it's from a time when Toronto actually felt threatened by Winnipeg's growing power and influence.

You know. For about five minutes there in history.

From: [identity profile] piratelooksat20.livejournal.com

LOL, Winnipeg also had quite a reputation in the North for how 'wild' we were. I've read several references about how we were called the "Chicago of the North" due to the number of gambling dens, bars and brothels. TPTB down East didn't like that much either.

... does knowing all of this make us nerds? :D



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